mrs. hopewell

by mrs. hopewell

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3 fighters, 2 suicide attempts, and 1 crate of military-grade morphine tucked in the back of a warehouse in Los Angeles.

"Every man's got to figure to get beat sometime."—Joe Louis


released January 13, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Christopher Nicastro.

Special thanks to Jorge Velez, Lanny Lieu, Mark Garza, and anyone who made this record possible.



all rights reserved


mrs. hopewell Hartford, Connecticut


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Track Name: Hitman
I hung up the gloves once I
Told you I loved you
I called up my exes I told them the same
Take out two bottles of gin and vermouth
I fold up my note after signing my name
Tuck it into my pocket and twist off the caps
I'll blackout one last time tonight

Visions of ringside
Doc asking "you alright?
Kid you don't have to go out there and fight


Rush to the bathroom
I'm spewing and heaving
And tearing the note
As it falls on the floor

And I'm dreaming
Of you
Track Name: You Came to Me in a Lucid Dream II: Dream Harder
Once more under the bridge
Dear friends I can't hold out much longer
I can't say what or I can't say when
This feeling will come again
It wells up
And pulls me down
Drags me out
Kicks me around
But it's better than nothing
than being underground

Once more I see you at night dear friend and ask you how I'm doing
I scream until my voice goes hoarse
And still you don't reply
Have I done enough in life?
Will I do enough in death?
Is it better than nothing than being underground?
Track Name: seven month twitch
Heard your song on a radio
The one you wrote about me you know
The one you grew to hate
I gave you all of my money once
Now haven't seen you in seven months
You're an itch I need to scratch

And I want you
To come back home again
And I want you
To fucking deal me in again

heard you were selling coke in Oklahoma
While I was fighting in Arizona
I really coulda used you
I gave you all of my money once
Now haven't seen you in seven months
You're an itch I need to scratch
Track Name: TBS...Very Funny
Driving through the rains in summer
"Rashomon sure was a bummer"
"Not like we know anything else"
Hooking up the quarter inch
Pull the volume down a cinch
Play a song you know I'll wanna belt
And it plays:

And will you tell all you friends
Youve got your gun to my head
This song was all I ever loved once
This song

Alone again and what's the use
I'll never love and that's the truth
I'll never find someone who gets me through
Did I ever love a single thing
A harpsichord or minor things
A game a man a drink or something else
Track Name: the legend of the pittsburgh kid
You're going nowhere running up and down the stairs
Your weezer t shirt your golden hair
When was the last time
We watched a movie
When was the last time
I thought you cared
It's over and over and over
"Go get some help"
It's over and over and over
"I don't want help"
When was the last day
I didn't cry?
When was the last day you didn't have to ask why?
So I'll kiss you goodnight
One last time
So I'll kiss you good night
One last time
Track Name: Dealer
Tried to drive a thousand miles
To wipe you from my memory
And I could have my face beat in
To forget the sight of you
I'll pop a hundred million pills
And wash away the truth
But I cannot get rid of you
Or the shit you always do

I want you to know I've been thinking about you

I changed my number
Blocked you out
Thought of all the ways I could
I had my living lights beat out
Went 12 thought I did good
I came back to and called him you
A bloody mess I stood

I didn't need to shoot up anyway. Heeey I didn't need to buy from you anyway
Track Name: we'll win 'cause we're on god's side
Couldn't anybody out there listening
Hear the words I say?
I'm a stand up guy with a mellow smile
And a temper swelled with bile
Do you have anything in the back room for me?
One syrette is all I need
To get me through the day
Hold my puffed up smile
For all in Beverley hills LA

Can you hear the voices they call to me at night?
Cover the ventilator make sure, nurse, it's airtight

"I promise Lou this will be my last hit and then I'm done for good
I told my baby I'm off this stuff
Our deal is understood"

"But maybe just one more"

"no I am an American hero"