if i am out of my mind then it's all right with me

by mrs. hopewell

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This record is—at its core—the product of spring break boredom: songs written to pass time.

It is, however, my first foray in attempting concept songwriting. All of the songs are loosely based on (and take their titles from) Saul Bellow's novel, "Herzog."

Track 1 samples the Coen Brothers' film "A Serious Man" (also based on Bellow's book), track 3 samples Ingmar Bergman's "the Seventh Seal." I also sample a bunch of Vine videos including one comprised of a Hilary Duff song layered seven times.


released March 27, 2014

all songs written and recorded by Chris Nicastro



all rights reserved
Track Name: i wrote to you on a new haven bound train
(i'll) you'll be fine—
just try again when i'm sober.
when this movie's over
I'll write.
I'll write
to a father who loves me
a brother who loathes me
the slashes in your arms (wrist)
they won't heal like your bones—
they're fixing (the car) you up
and (i'll) you'll be fine
Track Name: readiness to answer all questions is the infallible sign of stupidity
frame the pictures
on the wall.
jersey skyline
happy once and for all.
i see a new shrink
in the old hospital,
and i don't think about Philly anymore

i bought new bookshelves
burned your grad school books
hope you're happy
hear your office is small
mine has windows
in a grand ivy hall
and i don't think about Philly anymore.
Track Name: is there nothing else between birth and death but what i can get out of this perversity?
i fell in love in harvard square
her copy of 'streetcar'
and faulknerian accent.
oxford demeanor, too.

but who am i?

i fell in love in harvard square
i fell in love with a *girl* in harvard square
Track Name: Sentiment and brutality, never one without the other, like fossils and oil.
(pensive and faltering, the words 'the Dead' i write)

you read me capote
beneath the peach tree
and laid your head
between my knees
and in cambridge we laughed
but in hartford we cried
you couldn't reconcile
a brother had died
for jackson you left
a bag in each hand
"i want to be frightened
and experience grandeur"
now i'm trying to find
and trying to write

your southern gothic prose
just like your gothic woes
sheathed in your summer clothes
without a place to go.
Track Name: …and i wrote to you from my cottage in the berkshires
tonight i'll be fine
i'll try again now i'm sober
and this movie's over
i'll write i'll write
to a father who loved
my brother he needs me
the slashes in your wrist
they won't heal like your bones
yes they're fixing you up

you're fine.
you'll be fine